Chloe Campbell is a London-based Artist. She studied Fine Art and History of Art (MA) at the University of Edinburgh where she specialized in Painting from 2010-2015. Her History of Art dissertation about Picasso’s creative processes is part of the library collections at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. She also completed a Drawing Intensive Course at the Royal Drawing School in the Autumn of 2015.

Chloe’s prints and papercuts are currently displayed in spaces in City of London, Pimlico and Streatham. She does drawing, papercutting, collage, printmaking and painting alongside an administration job at City of London School for Boys. She is also doing a Life Drawing Class at the Royal Drawing School.

Papercuts of Picasso’s painting Guernica 1937 and his series of 58 paintings Las Meninas 1957. September 2015